Vegetable remains, These 5 varieties to grow continuously

Vegetable scraps: These 5 varieties to grow continuously .

For yourself: This 5 vegetable scraps to grow infinite again .

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Vegetable scraps should not end up on the compost: processed Correctly and beefed up, can Foodies can you infinitely grow .

Vegetable scraps such as left over herbs, branches, germ-remained at the end of cloves of garlic, or the sprouting of ginger are too good for the bin. Because with a few tweaks and Tricks you can pull new vegetables yourself – how sustainable is!

Who prefers his vegetables from the “radicals” themselves, saves money and reduces food waste. Nice side effect: The individual growing green plants beautify any room and are also a great gift for family and friends. GALA shows you what kind of vegetable scraps, you can endlessly grow .

These 5 vegetable scraps to grow endlessly again .

Hattu Spinach? Yes, we have – and indeed endless, because carrots belong to the vegetable remains, and the regrowth again and again. This is a hobby gardener stuck a toothpick in the cut end of the carrot and place it on a glass with water. The carrot should not go completely bathe, your soil should be changed in the water – which is regular. The vegetable forms, roots, and Green, it can be re-planted in the earth, and after several weeks harvested .

Kitchen herbs.

Who has no own garden, you can repurpose a Sunny window sill at home to create a Mini-greenhouse. Because herbs such as parsley, Dill, rosemary and mint feel to Sunny places and to grow continuously. In order to recycle the vegetable residues are capped, the stems of herbs, below a body with leaves by using a sharp knife. Then the rest of the leaves removed and the stems in a water-filled glass. Once the roots are about five centimeters long, can hobby gardener plants the stems in small pots and in the sun. Soon, the new herbs are ready to Harvest.

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