Prince Albert Charlene Wittstock, The Prince has got married

Prince Albert + Charlene Wittstock, The Prince has got married.

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Prince Albert + Charlene Wittstock, The Prince has got married.

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Hard to believe: After ten years of relationship has Albert and his Charlene Wittstock Prince finally made a proposal of marriage. The Prince’s Palace announced the engagement of the heads of the house of Grimaldi on Wednesday .

Prince Albert, Charlene Wittstock.

The dream wedding of Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel in Stockholm, Charlene Wittstock had to Prince of the Church, a number behind your friend, sitting Albert II of Monaco. That you both were engaged, together with the Prince on the carpet and in front of the cameras along step, without that, were conservative viewers for the wrong place. But Charlene Wittstocks public Position has changed now, only four days later, is clear: The Couple has engaged in, such as the Prince’s Palace on 23. June 2010 officially announced. On the official engagement picture Wittstock shows very delicate and with pinned-up hair in a Grace Kelly-style. On your left ring finger an engagement ring glitters obvious .

Prince Albert + Princess Charlène.

The Prince and the beautiful swimmer.

Albert, son of Hollywood beauty Grace Kelly and Monaco’s Prince Rainier III, was a bachelor for a long time as an eternal young. Only he was changing Girlfriends attention, then he pushed a wedding with Charlene again and again. “One day it will come to this, but still it is not to the extent that,” said the ruler of the Principality on the Côte d’azur at the end of last year. To this time he was for ten years with the South African. Wittstock accompanied the Prince for years at official events in Monaco, including the prestigious rose ball and the Red cross Gala. They also took their own charitable tasks in the Principality of true.

The Monegasques are hoping that the 32-Year-old will give her husband a heir to the throne. After the wedding, of course – after all, it is in the Principality of strictly Catholic. As long as Albert has no legitimate children, is a result of his sister Caroline as the Next in line to the throne. But also a son of her, or albert’s second sister Stéphanie could own after a constitutional amendment in 2002 to the throne.

When Albert and Charlene Wittstock Prince are to be married, has not yet been announced .