Not in the mood on the GNTM Finale Simi & Sayana are annoyed

Not in the mood on the GNTM Finale Simi & Sayana are annoyed

“If you really want to be Models, you need to deal with it” For Simone (l.) & Sayana (R) is tomorrow night (23. May) to all: you can stand next to rival Cecilia in GNTM-Finale. But the anticipation is clouded …

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May), it’s finally here: Germany’s Next Topmodel 2019 will be awarded. For the finalists, Simone, 21, Sayana, 20, and Cecilia, 18, actually, a reason for joy. After all, rival, Vanessa, 22, has thrown voluntarily in the towel . However, the hustle and bustle of the big Show was the Models appear to be tiring … The samples for the impressive Final Show of the 14. “Germany’s Next top model” -season go to the last trains. In less than 24 hours will have to prove the three candidates for the Simi, Sayana and Cecilia for the last and decisive Time in front of the jurors.

Because, as Heidi Klum says: “Only ONE can be Germany’s Next top model.” Normally, the three girls would have to thus currently under the absolute adrenaline influence, and with great anticipation to tomorrow’s evening approach. In an Interview with “celebrity flash” admits GNTM finalist Sayana, however, that the samples for the recording of much of your demands: On the first day [of the samples, NB. d. Red.] it was very, very hard! Since we were annoyed already, really very, very . So, So … As a Participant of the popular Casting Show, which is on the verge of a modelling contract, win, feels the student so annoyed. But Sayana is aware of how much work is behind the Show, and adds in explanation: “We’ll get through it, because ultimately, it is for us.

The do everything for us .” This realization was the 20-Year-old only much later come. Also a competitor, Simone – called Simi – agrees with her. Compared to “celebrity flash” she admits: “It is very much Bouncing, of course, on us all.” For the Chance to be in the final, the 21-Year-old, although extremely grateful, but also feel that it is “a very, very tough Business.” The sleep deficit is going to drag significantly to the nerves of the student teacher. On the Internet the Models with their honest statements, however, to much criticism: Yes, what is the thinking?

That can relax and sit around? If you really want to be Models, have to come, anyway. After that, you may hold products for “Instagram” in the camera. Is clearly more relaxed.

I want to swap with them. I want samples and can learn for my math test tomorrow. Tomorrow evening at 20:15, we will see how the Girls do in spite of the tiring rehearsals on the catwalk. Then, we also know, finally, who creams off the GNTM title in 2019 .

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