Gwen Stefani appearance ban due to this violation

Gwen Stefani: banning due to this injury.

Gwen Stefani: banning due to this injury.

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For 30 minutes Gwen Stefani should occur at a Charity Event in Las Vegas. Due to an injury she had to cancel.

Gwen Stefani (47, “Misery”) had to cancel on Thursday evening at the last minute an appearance in Las Vegas. Actually, you should maintain it there for 30 minutes, the guests of a Charity event, the “Power of Love”Gala, with their Hits. Of your doctor, it was said, however, arrival by plane, as the British “Daily Mail” reported. Stefani had moved an eardrum rupture.

Despite all this, the guests were well catered for with excellent music: singer Jennifer Hudson stepped in, therefore, in the short term for Stefani and Jon Bon Jovi made an appearance. Stefani made not to send the Gala guests, at least, a short video message in which she apologized for her Absence. Remains only to hope that your injury heals as soon as possible, because in worse cases, this can be in addition to a middle ear infection also permanent damage such as severe hearing loss or deafness, the follow .

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Steffi Graf enchants the guests.

But there are also, of course, encouraging news from the “Power of Love”Gala. In Las Vegas, among others, Andre Agassi (46) has been honored, the brought also, of course, Steffi Graf (47). This steel, in turn, with her rare appearance with a floor-length evening dress on all the Show.

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