Guido Maria Kretschmer Kim is a Madness

Guido Maria Kretschmer: Kim is a Madness.

Gu > Facebook Pinterest Twitter E-Mail 30.12.2014.

TV-favorite Guido Maria Kretschmer is one of the naked shots of Kim Kardashian of the Highlights of 2014.

For Guido Maria Kretschmer, 49, is Kim Kardashian, 34, for a real lust for Life.

As the Reality bomb (“Keeping Up with the Kardashians”) posed for “Paper”magazine, were not many bad: Kim showed a brave, naked and oiled on the Cover!

You are trying to put Details about Archie .

For Guido (“The super talent”), one of the Highlights of the past year: “I your self-confidence find simply stunning. Finally, you and your Po madness devices,” wrote the sympathetic Star “” and put his readers to style for new year’s eve just as glamorous as Kim (if she’s wearing clothes): “A more elegant Look would be for the conclusion of the year.”

The criticism, the pictures of Kim’s super shiny body are not cheap, can’t understand Guido’s – for him they were perfect. He has quite a critical view on nudity: “I don’t like naked pictures only, if you are a woman despising or naked is presented in itself. Since I’m probably too much of a women’s libber, but I think a nice, self-certain nudity can present to any woman.”

Speaking of beautiful: the beauty of women (without nudity) attends Guido Maria Kretschmer not only to new year’s eve, but also in the coming year. To be exact, from the 11. February, because then starts his new Show “Germany’s most beautiful woman” on RTL: every Wednesday at 21:15 p.m., the spectators accompany the Designer on the search for the most beautiful lady in the country. For this, Guido has chosen 20 women, half of whom are under 30 years old and the other about 30. The winner will be selected in the sixth episode .

In an interview with the channel Guido Maria Kretschmer stressed that his Show is not live remote Model-illusions: “It’s a show that shows us just how exciting it can be to be a normal woman.”