Gourmet Talk, Lots of herbs, little salt

Gourmet Talk, Lots of herbs, little salt time to time, fish

Gourmet-Talk: “Many herbs, little salt”

Gourmet-Talk: “Many herbs, little salt”

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With three stars in the “Michelin Guide” led by Dieter Müller the gourmet restaurant “Lerbach” in Bergisch Land on the top of the German gastronomy. Today, he runs his own cooking school, in the light and the flavour creations are on the dining plan .

In her new book, it’s about vitality and joy of life. What is the Golden rule to be as tasty as it is healthy to feed?

The Golden rule is quite simple: quality and Freshness. I recommend a lot of vegetables, al dente cooked, and from time to time, fish, poultry or meat. And Bio-products, seasoned with lots of herbs and a little salt.

Gourmet Talk, Lots of herbs, little salt coriander, Dill

What three foods would you never use in your kitchen – and why?

First: mashed potatoes out of the bag – not to compare with a fresh. Secondly, frozen spinach and thirdly, pig meat, because that is watery and the Roast pork smell. In addition, it does not taste .

And which products you should always have in the house ?

Vegetables, salads, fresh herbs, high quality Butter and Oils as well as balsamic. In addition, various spices, especially Fleur de Sel, and good cheese.

What is a particularly healthy vegetable? Tomatoes are very rich in vitamins and minerals, boost our immune system. They should be stored at 13 to 18 degrees, preferably separated from the fruit and other vegetables.

What herbs do you recommend for the healthy spring cuisine?

Basil, Chervil, tarragon, parsley, coriander, Dill and lovage. So basically the ingredients for a Frankfurter green sauce.

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