Gloria of Thurn and Taxis

Gloria of Thurn and Taxis.

Gloria of Thurn and Taxis.

Gloria, Princess of Thurn and Taxis made after her wedding to Johannes, Prince of Thurn and Taxis, especially with their eccentric Looks for attention. After the early death of her husband, she decided against her party life, and for the princely family.

Gloria of Thurn and Taxis.

Born 23. February 1960 , Stuttgart, Germany first name Mariae Gloria Ferdinanda Joachim Josephine Wilhelmine Huberta Name of Thurn and Taxis , born Mariae Gloria Ferdinanda Joachim Josephine Wilhelmine Huberta Countess of Schönburg-Glauchau 59, Size 1.69 m.

Zodiac Sign Pisces.

Partner of Johannes, Prince of Thurn and Taxis (he died in 1990, Gloria has since been widowed ) children, Princess Maria Theresia of Thurn and Taxis (*1980) ; Princess Elisabeth of Thurn and Taxis (b. 1982) ; Prince Albert of Thurn and Taxis (*1983)

Not everyone knows that.

So, who wants a portrait of Princess Gloria to make, can instruct for 2000 Euro. The noble painter produces a 21×30 cm, large Original, by the way, even after the passport image template. But it safe to assume that Queen Elizabeth, which belongs to the portrait, sent a picture to Regensburg. Especially since the Regent has no passport .

Under classmates Gloria had the nickname “pudgy“. This was only one of many: Because she was early 20’s fond of loud, flashy and extroverted, called the English-language press you “Princess TNT“ and played with it on their explosive performances. Today, Gloria’s post daughter Elisabeth under the Instagram name “TNT“, but that is only an abbreviation of the noble Name, and less to do with the explosives-Packed content that you published.

In a “world“-Interview with Gloria, Princess revealed that she was 14 years a member of a Band, the “Loud and Fun“ was. The Name should be program been .

After the abolition of the class privileges of the nobility in the year 1919 all titles of nobility part of the Name. Prince, as a title for the firstborn of a noble family, was not part of the civil Name. Since their marriage in 1980, Gloria, Countess of schönburg-Glauchau bears the (official) name of Gloria Princess of Thurn and Taxis. On St. emmeran castle and in the noble environment speaks to you but at the same time, of course, as “her serene Highness, Princess Gloria“ .

Not Princess Gloria, but her son, Albert, was on the “Forbes“list of the mega rich. At eight years of age when he inherited the family fortune after the death of the father, yet, he showed up for the first Time. The assets of the 12. The princes of Thurn and Taxis was estimated in 2010 to about 1.8 billion euros, which is the 437. Space meant. Four years later, Princess Gloria’s son was only a four-digit rank, since 2015, he will no longer be in the “Forbes“list .

The Thurn and Taxis Empire today, according to Princess Gloria’s redevelopment, especially from the management of owned real estate, agriculture and forestry.

Palace of St. emmeran, since 1812, in the possession of the princely house of Thurn and Taxis. It is one of the largest private, inhabited castles in Europe, with approximately 500 rooms and an area of an estimated 37, 000 square meters larger than the Buckingham Palace in London.

Belonged to Princess Gloria’s renovation concept, the absorb the maintenance costs of the old building. They had to rebuild, modernize, and leased parts to foreign companies. In the castle today hosts festival, Open-Air concerts and a Christmas market. In a branch of the Bavarian national Museum, there are magnificent pieces from the princely treasure chamber to see.

The Princess and her son Albert inhabit both smaller Apartments in the castle.

In 1986 celebrated John Prince, 60. Birthday with a Rococo masked ball, by his wife, Gloria, for him, the organ had been. The Princess appeared with half-meter-high wig, a tiara of Marie Antoinette and sang of love to your spouse in the Marilyn-Monroe-style, “Oh, Johnny…“. To celebrate the day it was served to the Prince, and also a cake, which was decorated with 60 Marzipan penises .

Biography of Gloria of Thurn and Taxis.

Early 20’s lady was Gloria of Thurn and Taxis as a swashbuckling nobleman from talk: fleet sayings, crazy hairstyles and crazy Outfits, let you to the most unconventional personality of the noble world. As her husband, Johannes, Prince of Thurn and Taxis with 64 died, had to swap the young widow of the eccentricity against the business, the princely family, to get. Today, you experienced your Highness, as a Manager, a painter and a (Grand) mother less pretentious, quiet, you is not become .

She brings a noble name .

Gloria of Thurn and Taxis came up as the second daughter of Joachim, count of Schönburg-Glauchau and his first wife Beatrix of the world. Apart from the noble family name of the Childhood of little Gloria was quite bourgeois: The father worked as a correspondent and lived with his wife in the four common children a couple of years in Togo, and Somalia, before the count’s family returned in the 1970s, back to Germany.

American idol Star marries his Senay.

Actress or wife?

Even before graduation, Gloria left the school and moved to Munich, where they actually wanted to go to drama school. But in 1979, they met in a cafe Johannes of Thurn and Taxis. The jet-setting assets was considered as Prince of the most sought-after bachelor in Germany with a billion. You tuschelte, he is interested, actually, for young men and was, therefore, with over 50 unmarried, although many of his flirtations with Society had made women’s headlines .

Allegedly studied Prince John, first of all, the genealogical nobility manual, rather, he caught up with the 34-year-younger Gloria of schönburg-Glauchau. For dynastic reasons, the connection was certainly a good idea, because the 500-year-old house of Thurn and Taxis needed fresh blood and an heir.

A marriage of convenience from the dynastic considerations, so? When asked about Gloria, Princess of 2017, said in the Sandra-Maischberger-Sendung “I”, the marriage would certainly have been reason heavy. But “been blown away“ from your Future, and “very in love“. For the new, princely Partner, the count’s daughter had the spectacle of dropping out of school.

Pregnant in front of the Altar.

31. May 1980, celebrated the Couple’s wedding his lavish wedding in St. Emmeram’s Basilica in Regensburg, Golden Carriage, wedding tiara and Valentino dress included. The Spicy part is that The 20-year-old bride-to-be, since Childhood, as a strict Catholic, was with your consent in the third month of pregnancy. Her fiance had “talked in there,“ said the Princess with your other circumstances. Prince John must have been before the wedding, as a kind of fertility test, to see “whether it works“. Yes, it did. Even three times: After the two daughters Maria Theresia and Elisabeth, the Princess brought in 1983, with Prince Albert the long-awaited heir to the world.

This dynastic duty was fulfilled. The nearly 60-year-old Prince took his jet-setting life around the globe, while his young wife St. Emmeram in Regensburg and stayed at the local castle for the children .

A Duchess in the headlines.

Long as they have not stopped there: she was young, stand in the center and wanted to let it rip. Gloria began her punk Princess Phase: from group company, the baby pounds, hung the old-fashioned Dirndl in the closet and wore from the Rococo dress up for Paco-Rabanne-chain shirt, everything that pleased her or the people in a calculated way shocked. She celebrated with Mick Jagger, Prince, visited Michael Jackson at Neverland, and the friend of artists such as Keith Haring was .

The carefree life was in the early 1980s, its shadow sides: Prince John’s heart was sick, to depression, drank, and bowed. “Goldie,“ as he was called by his wife, needed to tend to the care of his partner than their wild parties. After he inaugurated the Gloria in business, because of the Thurn-and-Taxis-Empire, once by the post-transportation was at risk.

Johannes, Prince of Thurn and Taxis died on the 14. December 1990 after a heart transplant. His widow, now a legal representative for the seven-year-old crown Prince Albert withdrew from the Public, roughed-hew business, brought a new Manager on Board and reduced debt. Through the auctioning of inventory and jewelry parts of the inheritance were tax in the amount of around 25 million euros paid .

The conversion from the party chicken to the Manager.

The transformation from a carefree party chicken to tough Manager could not have been more blatant fail. Today, you will see Princess Gloria is not dancing on the tables, but discreetly dressed and stood at the castle festival . She has made a name for himself as a painter, writes books and holds mysticism readings. As the largest eccentricities you indulge in the rides with the Harley to the Church, betrayed you ““.

The whole of it has not stored the high-pitched, however As a fighter for conservative Catholic values, she is never shy of an opinion. Legendary has claimed her “Schnacksel-Interview“ in 2001, when Gloria in the show is over, “Friedman“, Africa have an Aids Problem, “because the Black schnackselt like“. You spoke out clearly against gay marriage, and the pill and called it “a Form of abortion“. In 2008, it was called the “Münchener Abendzeitung“ because such Statements “Wacky Highness“. But Gloria makes undeterred: in 2018, they demonstrated, among other things, with AfD representatives, in Regensburg, Germany against early sex education., she called “a kind of child abuse“ .

Alexander von Schönburg Glauchau characterized his sister Gloria in an interview with Sandra Maischberger 2017 as someone who is “extremely conservative and not so modern“ that he is “fit into no drawer“. No, a matching drawer is not likely to give it to Gloria of Thurn and Taxis is actually .