Gilmore Girls Comes a second sequel

Gilmore Girls: Comes a second sequel?

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Gilmore Girls: Comes a second sequel?

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Since Wednesday the Revival of the “Gilmore Girls” in the box – Scott Patterson makes the Fans hope for another season.

Wednesday, 11. May – that was the date for the long-awaited last door for the Revival of the cult series “Gilmore Girls”. And hardly the new edition is in the box, the veteran series Hero Scott Patterson, 57, hopes, fuelling a further continuation.

The chances of another season are “50/50,” said the actor of nearly perfect On-Off-flame Luke, according to “Us Weekly” in the Podcast series. “People have to realize that you want it to continue,” said Patterson. And the end of the season, leave “room for a sequel”. He would be here, said the actor: “I hope for it!”

They released a Video of her son.

The streaming service Netflix brings the successful series from the ‘ 00s-years, soon to be back on the screens. To arise for the time being, four episodes à 90 minutes. With this cast is in addition to the main interior, Lauren Graham, 49, and Alexis Bledel, 34, the to be a movie star ascended Melissa McCarthy (45, “Tough girls”).

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