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Gerard Butler - Star Of Portrait, News, Pictures - S heroes of the muscle

Gerard Butler.

Earlier, it was unlikely that anyone outside of Edinburgh would ever know who is Gerard Butler. Then he was in Hollywood for attention.

Gerard Butler.

Born 13. November 1969 , Paisley, Scotland, great Britain first name Gerard James Name Butler years 49 Size 1.88 m.

Zodiac Scorpio.

Partner, Morgan Brown ; Jennifer Aniston (2009) ; Shanna Moakler (2008 – 2009) ; Naomi Campbell (2007)

Not everyone knows that.

Gerard Butler not only looks good but also smells so: Since 2014, he is the promotional face for the fragrance ‘Boss Bottled’ by Hugo Boss.

While the rotation Has to work to ‘Olympus is Falling – The world is in danger’ hurt Gerard, without even realizing it really. Only an MRI showed that he had broken two vertebrae in the neck .

In the summer of 2009, he had to answer in court because he beat up a photographer .

His nickname is Gerry. This is easier to say than Gerard.

Helpful: The actor helped a woman on the legs, which was overthrown with her high heels on the street. His friends gathered up the contents of your bag, which was scattered at the fall of the woman .

As Gerard was two, leaving his parents divorced, and Gerard remained with his mother Margaret. His father Edward, he saw only 16 years of age and had a very close relationship to him. Six years later, Edward died of cancer. Gerard woke up in his death bed.

Before Gerard began his acting career, he studied four years of law at the University of Glasgow. This was especially the wish of his mother. Gerard wanted to be a much better actor .

For ‘300’ trained Gerard in a half a year, a stunning muscular body.

The alcohol would have killed Gerard Butler: “I have to drink loved. Soon, it was the Only thing that made me fun. This Addiction has destroyed me, almost.”

Gerard loves to Sing and is, therefore, in Karaoke Bars. There, he is most like Songs of Frank Sinatra the Best.

Since 2010 he supports the charity “Mary’s Meals”, which has taken on the task of providing for the poor children in the world: free school meals available .

As he cracks the 2013 fabulous A-Million-Fans of brand on Facebook, says he’s thrilled: “whoa! one million fans! you guys are amazing”. Popularity 2.0.

As in may 2017, two young suitors steal in his garden, remains of Gerard’s cool and calls their mothers instead of the police, such as the “Scottish Sun” reported.

He is a huge Fan of the soccer team, “Glasgow Celtic”. In a Charity Event in 2011, he even played for his favourite club Manchester United.

With 27 years one of his drinking was an adventure even so far, that he covered in the morning blood in the vicinity of Paris, woke up, had no idea where he was and what was in the front, eight occurred .

Gerard Butler - Star Of Portrait, News, Pictures - S Only thing

Biography of Gerard Butler.

For Gerard Butler it looked in the meantime at all well: Frustrated, chain-Smoking and alcohol drinking, he sat as the mid-twenties in Edinburgh, Scotland, and found so little Motivation for his Job in a prestigious law firm that his boss threw him out. Who would have not thought that the native-born Scot to turn even a decade later, movies, and one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood would be? But the road was rocky.

His rise in Hollywood.

In order to reach his goal, had to torment the Youngest of three siblings in London, first of all, by some odd Jobs, among other things, he presented to an interested specialist audience to measure tiny movements. But then came you – the small TV and theatre roles, and finally, in 1997, his first role in the British Film “her Majesty Mrs. Brown” on the side of Judi Dench. Gerard gave up Drinking, and was unstoppable from then on. If he spoke now, as the legendary Attila in the eponymous TV series of the Huns, as a brave Beowulf against Grendel – fight, nor in the epic ‘300’, king Leonidas I. went to war to defend Sparta, it is the roll of the heroes of the muscle packages are Gerard Butler particularly well to face. The latter brought him in 2006, even the cinema-by the book in Hollywood. Happy coincidence: Almost at the same time with ‘300’ came also the adaptation of the Bestseller “‘P. S. I love You” in the cinema – also a major box-office hit, the Gerard, exceptionally, not the hero, but the soulful Gerry mimed, and, at the latest, because the hearts of female movie-goers by storm. The filming of the romantic Drama is set for Gerard a turning point: The fact that he’s dying, still chain Smoking, and Gerry, in the Film of a brain tumor, he saw as a sign of fate and gave up the Drinking, the Smoking – most of the time anyway.

Gerda Lewis + Keno Setup.

The Ex-“Bachelor” holds Andrej Mangold of your love.

A man of many talents.

The excessive Smoke in the years before has done at least his voice, never a crash. As a Student, Gerard sang in his own rock band “Speed” and at least managed to inspire many years later, even Musical-king Andrew Lloyd Webber, personally, so with his singing skills that he booked him for the film adaptation of “the Phantom of the Opera”. And the employees of the ‘Dear Frankie’-Set still rave about the beautiful breaks-warbling of your colleagues. Also, Dreamworks asked and wanted to made his voice for the animated film ‘how to train your dragon’ and its sequel. Gerard Butler seems to be in Hollywood at the very top arrived.

After years as a Womanizer finally have a girlfriend.

What was missing from the good-looking warhorse long, fortunately, was the right woman. He was known as a Womanizer, rarely had a steady girlfriend – but even more brief flirtations. Among other things, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Biel to his Exes to count. A permanent place at his side had so far can only give pug lady Lolita. All of this changed abruptly in the year 2014, as he was always spotted with a dark-haired beauty, which had exceptionally nothing to do with Hollywood. Morgan Brown is his friend and is an interior designer. Maybe her but her mother Karen can give advice on what it means to have a relationship with a Star: she was once the girlfriend of acting icon Peter O’toole.

But the happiness does not last long: at the beginning of December 2016 is known that the actor and his Morgan have separated. According to rumors Gerard Butler couldn’t say goodbye properly to his Lothario existence. It had spotted them shortly before Knut accordingly on the Malibu beach and celebrity-hunters schwanten already engagement news.

But in the meantime, it seems as if the swashbuckler had found its matching lid. With his old, new love, Morgan Brown. After years of On-Off did the two back to each other and seem happier than ever. Although insiders are from Butler’s personal life, and sceptical as to whether the Womanizer will ever be settled, said Gerard Butler for yourself, it would be about time to settle down and have children. As the story continues, it remains to be seen. An admirable character Butler, but from all – no one is so respectful in Interviews and so kind and patient with Fans like this, Beau! Reason enough to wish him happiness in love .

Gerard Butler will be enjoying alone.

Its large freedom of Gerard Butler gets rid of the urge but never. He misses his Dearest traveling, you can enjoy being alone but also very. “So lonely I feel sometimes, just so I enjoy it to be just for me. It can be very liberating to be on, I am also a long rotation of work. Even if I’m in a relationship where I don’t want to be a day separated from my loved one, I know it months will not be, in which one sees even. That’s the price I have to pay. Or an advantage, depending on how you look at things. It’s part of my Job, to my life.”

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