George Clooney’s New Coffee Spot

George Clooney: A New Coffee Spot.

George Clooney: A New Coffee Spot.

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“What would you do for a Nespresso?” The new “Nespresso”-movie Premiere, of course: a newly-married Mr Clooney.

In the case of “Nespresso” one thinks of delicious coffee, and George Clooney. got an exclusive insight behind the Scenes of the shoot for the new campaign of the popular coffee advertising capsules on lake Como in Italy.

First pictures as a married couple!

George Clooney during the shooting of good things, the environment he knows well, finally, he has for years, a Villa in the vicinity. At his side this Time, is not only a beautiful woman, but also Jean Dujardin, who was last seen in the Hollywood flick “the Wold of Wall Street” in theaters. In the past, George had to get for the well-known commercials already support from celebrities like Matt Damon, John Malkovich and Nazanin Boniadi (“How I Met Your Mother”). The campaign will run under the name of “What would you do for a Nespresso”, the Spot shows how George of his French colleague in his search for a coffee of Nespresso is tricked .

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