Fritz Wepper So it goes to him after the death of his wife

Fritz Wepper: So it goes to him after the death of his wife.

Fritz Wepper: So he comes after the death of his wife .

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Eight months of the death of Angela Wepper is now – and Fritz Wepper, the Smile is still difficult, as he told in an Interview .

Eight months after the death of his wife, Angela it is Fritz Wepper (78) is not easy, in the case of events, a Smile hanging up. “It was not a good half a year,” recalls the actor, and the father of two daughters in an Interview with the magazine “The new sheet” .

Fritz Wepper was almost married 40 years .

“The mental shoulder-to-shoulder with my daughters, which is very similar, we have the power together and can handle it emotionally,” he explains further. “We were always very close. But this awareness of the fact that we are so closely has given us of the death of my wife one more time.” Angela Wepper died in January at the age of 78 years, unexpectedly of a stroke. The Couple had been married almost 40 years .

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Fritz Wepper: Clear rules for the health.

For his own health, the 78-Year-old has created a surgery on the heart are now clear rules, in terms of its workload: “I have in the contract that I work only ten hours, so 50 hours a week. This is my Limit, this is my self-protection.” Until the middle of November he is currently filming the new episodes for the ARD TV-series “Um Himmels Willen”.