Died-2016 of these Stars, we mourn

The goodbyes 2016: For these Stars, we mourn .

The us 2016 moves.

The Good-Byes In 2016.

To these Stars, we mourn .

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28. December 2016: Debbie Reynolds (84 years old) has not coped with the heavy blow of fate. A day after the death of her daughter Carrie Fisher, actress Debbie Reynolds (center) was in Los Angeles to the hospital. Suspected stroke! Only a few hours later the sad news came: Also Reynolds died.

Together against climate change.

Death makes neither the age nor the awareness of differences. Click here to see who has to leave in 2016, the big stage of life .

Again, many of the actor’s in 2016 are dead. So, too, Bud Spencer Star Carlo Pedersoli caused great grief, as he is in old age the Temporal blessed. Many are familiar with the Hau-Top comedies with him and Terence Hill at his side, and loved you from a child. Muhammad Ali fought against it through the true life. The death of the legend is certainly one of the most bitter celebrity deaths in 2016. His legacy are his superhuman athletic achievements, on the Other, it is his commitment to human rights.

Died-2016 of these Stars, we mourn The death

Germany in mourning.

The German shook the death of our “eternal Minister of foreign Affairs”: Died in 2016, Hans-Dietrich Genscher, whose political culmination and Mitverdienst the German reunification. And, after his party colleague Guido Westerwelle had gone two weeks previously by us. The irresistible Roger Cicero also retired then. However, his swing Songs will also enable us posthumously in vibration .

Died-2016 of these Stars, we mourn was in

We would like to thank all of the Stars – without you, life would have been only half as beautiful. Your 2016 have died, but in our hearts you will live more.

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