AntiAging vampire facelift against wrinkles

Special: Care + Anti-Aging.

Anti-Aging: vampire-Lifting anti-wrinkle.

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Stars such as Bar Refaeli and Kim Kardashian, you can poke to look younger. "Vampire facelift" is the questionable, but supposedly very effective Anti-Aging Trend from the United States, in which the body’s own Plasma is injected. In Germany, too, as a "PRP treatment" or "Plasma Needling" known cure is already established .

Those who believe that own-blood therapies are only for health-conscious people and professional athletes, does not seem to have the latest Anti-Aging Trend from the USA. The "Vampire facelift, is driving surgeons" in droves, Stars in the practices of dermatologists and beauty. The newest member of the Fanclub: the only 28-year-old Bar Refaeli.

On an instagram picture at the end of December the Israeli Model, with blood-splattered face. Ensure to make their customers and Fans, but no, has gone to the 28-Year-old, however, voluntarily in the hands of your dermatologist. Bar sets as well as other Stars on the rejuvenating, plumping and stimulating effect of the treatment.
If she has this at her age is already necessary, but should be questioned .

John Travolta welcomes the new year with the bald head.

The body is taken from a small amount of blood and the high quality of the Plasma filtered out. After an anesthetic ointment on the face was applied, the doctor begins to inject the Plasma back evenly in the face. The concentrated platelets are then to strengthen cell renewal and elasticity of the skin .

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